We are on a mission to train 1M+ blockchain youth ambassadors who will catalyze the adoption of blockchain, web3 and cryptocurrency in Africa.

About ABYA

ABYA is a pan-African initiative created to promote literacy and adoption of blockchain, web3 and cryptocurrency in Africa through awareness, knowledge, skills and application among university students.


Our focus on the youth is informed by the fact that Africa's youth make up a significant proportion of the population, but they are often left out of the formal economy and lack access to opportunities. This lack of access prevents them from thriving, resulting in high levels of unemployment and poverty, as well as social and political marginalization, and as a result, Africa cannot reach its full potential.

Our Mission

To build transformative capacity among the future leadership of Africa “the youth” to accelerate the growth and development through the adoption of blockchain, web3 and cryptocurrency in Africa.

Our Vision

We envision a shared prosperity in Africa with the adoption and use of blockchain, web3 and cryptocurrency, with the youth as an important driver.

Our Strategy

1. Innovation

Set up ABYA clubs at universities through which activities will be organized across Africa, starting with Kenya.

3. Engagement

Keep students engaged through: Campus Meetups; Hackathons; Workstream Engagement; Online Live Discussions; Mentorship; Annual Conferences & Competitions; Networking; and Career Development.

2. Creativity

We offer online courses that cover various topics related to blockchain, web3 and cryptocurrency. They are designed to help participants develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in the industry.

4. Leadership

Set up workstreams to elicit thematic interests, research, discourse and thought leadership.

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Countries Targeted in Africa

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